of the United States Polo Association
Central Circuit

Welcome to the USPA Central Circuit Website


 I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the players in the USPA Central Circuit to our website.


One of the primary objectives of this site is to communicate information regarding club schedules, club tournaments, and Central Circuit Event Tournaments, as well as provide links to all the clubs within the Central Circuit.


It is my intention to post approved applications of Central Circuit Events under the "Tournament Schedule" tab. A blank event application is also located under "Tournament tab" for your use. After printing the tournament application, please complete the entire form and fax or email it to me. I will forward the application on to the USPA and post your approved application on this site.


I hope that everone will use this site not only to communicate with other clubs, but to help in scheduling and posting of major tournament events in our circuit for everone's benefit. Please feel free to voice any question or concerns you may have regarding the USPA Central Circuit to me by email, phone or fax. I welcome your comments. Have a wonderful season.  




      Central Circuit Governor

                      Voice: 515.669.0300

                        Fax: 515.241.9241

         Email: bbaker@bakerelectric.com